Thursday, March 15, 2012

See Top 100 Movies Of All Time - Live Your Passion For Good Cinema

Are you a movie buff who likes to watch movies whenever possible? The film industry is a big, and it turns out that a large number of films each year. Reading movie reviews is a good way to see if such they are to watch, but do you really have time to go through them all one after the other? Would not you rather have access to a list of 100 best films of all time, so you can discover which of them to see?

Visit the film involves spending a little money, especially if the group is large enough. The cost increases if you have to buy food and drinks too. Imagine what a waste of money, it would be if the film was not a good idea. Even the movie you watch at home must be good, because the night can be ruined if not interesting. It would be great if there was a selection of movies can simply choose readymade.

Reading a list of top 100 movies gives you a lot of inspiration as to what movie to see. You can just take the DVD based on the recommendation list for you and your family can have fun watching them.

And 'certainly quite a few sites that offer lists of the Top 100 movies of all time. However, you must make sure that you visit that gives you the most complete information about the world of cinema. List of films should be divided into different genres, so you can choose the best Bond film in a day or a romantic comedy like "When Harry Met Sally," the other day. You should also be able to find a list of the best film by a favorite actor.

This article in the top 100 films is your source for all the world of cinema, and return to it. Watching movies is much more fun when you do not make mistakes in the selection.

Live your passion for film by choosing to see them in the top 100 films of all time. Read well-written movie reviews before going to the movies or rent a DVD, so the film is exactly to your taste.

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China Cinnabar Red Lights

The long cultural and artistic history of China has produced a wide range of original and significant artistic achievements. One that is quickly recognized, cinnabar lacquer, with its characteristic red color, sometimes called the red Chinese lacquer red or vermilion.

With its 5000 years long recorded history, we must go back in time by about 2300 years, where we find the first entry in cinnabar lacquer used.

Cinnabar lacquer developed into an important artistic medium of the sixth century BC to second century AD This early days, lacquer was also produced not only red but black, using coal as the dye, and orpiment, as a result of natural mineral waters Ceramic Yellow Lacquer Islands. These three paint colors were used mainly for surface color and sculptures of ships.

The feature carved cinnabar, which we recognize today, first appeared in the 12th century as a new kind of luxury items. Cinnabar as a decorative art has been and is used in many Asian cultures, however, carved red cinnabar is unique to China.

What is Cinnabar?

Cinnabar lacquer pigment is derived from a tree native to southern China, the Chinese Sumac (Rhus verniciflua), usually referred to as the tree of the Lake.

The painting itself is produced by a process of writing a log as the rubber tree. Small cuts are made in the trunk of the tree and the water collected by the fall in a jar.

This paint is an amazing material that hardens when exposed to air and becomes a natural plastic that resists water and can withstand the heat. (Lakes refers to any surface which is coated with lacquer, which is hard and durable surface.)

The first layer is, in this case, not the last! Lacquers may require up to 200 layers! As each layer dries, apply the next layer until the desired thickness is reached. When the last coat has cured, the second phase of the deeply carved decoration begins

Carving is a craftsman who has a razor sharp cutting begins a slow process of carving lacquer surface of the object decorated.

The range of sculptural decoration is, of course, the traditional Chinese style with a wide range of subjects, including flowers, peony, cut scenes, gardens, Chinese scholars and figures of birds on the branches. Many of these items are prohibited decorations, which have been used for hundreds of years.

Lacquer carving techniques include embossing, cutting and burning real. The final results of all three techniques under the common heading "carved lacquer." This may include relief carving, negative engraving, and free-style carving.

What makes a vermilion?

Cinnabar lacquer is carved, which is mainly red. In fact, the word, cinnabar is the name of a mineral pigments naturally occurring mercuric sulphide, which gives red color. The name of the pigment that gives us the name cinnabar. For a deep red color is iron oxide is added to the paint, producing a rich dark lacquer. Cinnabar is generally found in a massive, granular, crystal-like shape and are bright red to brick red in color.

All lacquerware need underlying form and, traditionally, cinnabar lacquer pigment has a wooden base, but modern goods, boxes, trays, vases, etc. has a copper base. Carved lacquer are several layers of pigmented paint on the work surface, usually about 30 to 40 layers, but it can go up to 200 layers, if necessary.

There are museum pieces of cinnabar lacquer such as beds, chairs and screens, with an estimated 500 layers of cinnabar lacquer. It is also believed that some of these large pieces of furniture up to ten years to finish!

In ancient China, and in today's China, red is a color very favorable. It is considered a warm and energetic, which symbolizes good luck. Red is used in many aspects of life such as cultural ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries and especially in the Chinese New Year. Cinnabar lamp, placed in a prominent position, a color not to be missed!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Draw Cool Drawings Review

What could be cooler to create a pencil drawing of someone to love and take everyone knows exactly who he is? If you follow the basic instructions and are ready to practice, you can learn to make drawings as fresh as realistic portraits.

Even if you are a budding artist, and is pretty sure he does not have the skills, even if you're trying to make plans to cool down before and not by learning some basic techniques then the word to you.

GET the right tools

Everything begins with having the right tools, such as pencils on a different number 2 as well as rubber tires and a good sharpener. The paper type can vary, and it is important to consider the lighting in your workspace.

Excellent driving lesson is crucial. You can learn from the comfort of your home are now many tutorials available online. Some are free. I recommend what I care about in this article. A good guide will take you through the steps to learn a very simple technique, which are critical to any design method: stroke.

There are different races that will create shade and add dimension to their attractive designs. Finding the right guide to lead through the steps of expertise in a logical progression is very useful.

CREATE training program

It takes practice at all levels to gain competence and confidence to continue. Like anything to do, pencil drawing great satisfaction that you take the time to practice. Spend some time each day to work on some technique. Only 15 or 20 minutes you can move along and be relaxing and more rewarding than watching television.

As you learn some basic principles used in several exercises and techniques that depend on them to build strong skills in illustration, see how each principle applies when you really put your pen on paper. These exercises strengthen the skills you need for your project.

You may be wondering .... I could probably learn these techniques? I need a lot of expensive lessons? I have the time? Costs vary. Go to a classroom study can get expensive, $ 100 or more a few lessons, and the need to travel somewhere. And 'possible to enjoy the class line through the ebook and video tutorials for less than half the cost.

Like everything in life worth achieving, you get what you put in the students who worked hard to find the results a great satisfaction and recognition. It may seem difficult, but using a recipe step by step, like a map, it is possible to know where they go and how to achieve the desired results in less time. Shortcuts are often disappointing. However, a well defined portrait as a precious gift.

Programs begin with basic exercises in drawing simple technique for a simple reason: if you do not use all the ingredients, you end up with a different result. When you understand how a technique is applicable to your project, however, the results are dynamic. You can then expand, experiment and make their own creative styles.

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